Upgrade your data

Our elegant design powered by sophisticated data-science is perfectly suited both for corporate buyers who need an independent data partner and TMCs who need to upgrade their offering

For TMCs


Delight your clients and win new business by upgrading your data analytics platform

Take a market-leading next step in the evolution of strategic travel data

Reduce your internal costs & time of data management

Improve your premium revenue with clear up-sell opportunities

Get a better understanding of your business performance, forecasts and trends

For Corporates


Simple yet sophisticated total travel cost visibility & quickly get to the real "so-what"

Consolidate data from different sources, e.g. multiple TMCs, expense, card etc

Simple and elegant user experience - run scenarios & get to the so-what in a few clicks

Anticipate stakeholder questions with modules for finance & tax, sustainability, HR, & C-suite

Share data insights directly with your business, budget holders and even individual travellers

Some of Our Awesome Products

Consolidate all your data & run strategic scenarios to clearly identify the so-what.

Savings, sustainability and well-being are not opposites, rather a holistic, forward-looking & independent review of your data will help you build a best in class travel programme.


Drive Behavioural change

Quickly understand the context of the who, what, where of your spend and then run scenarios to identify savings opportunities

Put the data into the hands of decision makers, share the data as league tables and individual traveller or budget holder dahsboards to turn the data into doing


Improve your Footprint

Select from a choice of up-to-date government & industry metrics to apply across your total travel data and calculate your true carbon impact

Run scenarios to identify potential sustainability improvements, and share the data with your business to improve decision making and share the progress being made.


Care for Travellers

Review the well-being risk factors for travellers and identify those cost centres, divisions and departments who are putting their travellers most at risk

Make the data available to leaders, budget holders and individual travellers to support the business to make positive well-being decisions.

Co-Vid Forecaster

Plan your return

Keep your leadership, finance, travellers and suppliers informed of predicted post-Covid spend and travel patterns

Combine latest prevalance data with your office opening schedule, current spend and risk appetite. Then factor in policy adjustments to predict your future spend.

Data Shouldnt be Difficult

Our data platform has all the features you would expect: drill-down, filter, exclude, manage hierachies, export, print, etc, but also many unique features:

Mobile App

Web, desktop & mobile applications- fully responsive, works online & offline


Quick Implementation

Our unboxing process means implementation takes moments not weeks



Your data never leaves your network, for complete peace of mind privacy



Runs at native-speed, you won't be slowed down by poor conections


Total Data

Consolidate data from any source, TMC, expense, card, meetings etc


Stakeholder Design

Built to answer all of the questions your stakeholders ask, control access for each user

About Us

At Unlocked Data we are passionate about travel, data & helping organisations make better decisions

Our founders have spent the last ten years building data & consulting solutions for the world’s largest and most complex businesses, and have developed a deep expertise in all aspect of travel & data technology.

Dan Raine

Data is Key

At Unlocked Data we believe that data is key to effective business, therefore we work hard to make the complex simple, we put elegant data solutions into the hands of decision makers to turn data into doing”

Carl Scotney

New Levels of Security

We understand that data security & privacy is critical so we have built revolutionary new technology to ensure your data never has to leave your IT environment, for complete security & peace of mind.

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