Technology Overview

Software Deployment Options

Whatever deployment options you select, the front-end tools are exactly the same.

UNBOXING is a fast track solution with no dependencies on your IT team.

UNDOCK is a full cloud deployment with a difference: it just takes a few clicks.


  • 1 or 2 Users
  • Local Device Data Store
  • Zero IT Involvement
  • Our website To access app
  • Multiple Data sources
  • Data Extract connectors
  • Module Pricing


  • Unlimited Users
  • Cloud Data Store
  • 60 minute IT deploy to your cloud
  • Your website To access app
  • Multiple Data sources
  • API & FTP connectors
  • User License Pricing


A revloutionary new technology that enables you to answer the questions that your businesses is asking in moments.

UNBOXING: Frequently Asked Questions

There is no software to download, the application is browser based, so works in any modern evergreen browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox).

If you are connecting to a 'normal data source' (TMC, Card, Expense) implementation is instantaneous. If you want to consolidate a bespoke or unusual data source we will schedule something.

We have designed the platform to require no training, but are on hand during implementation to make sure you are up and running.

You can log requests & we will quickly be on hand to support. Remember we cant see the data, so will need to work together to resolve any data related issues.

As there is no software to download and the data never leaves your network then there is no technical reason to involve IT.

We sometimes find it helpful to speak with IT so that we can make sure the data is being updated in the most efficient way, and API's are set up appropriately.

Some organisation would rather host our application on their internal servers, and this works well when the data is being shared with many different people within the organisation.

If this is the preferred route, then there are some steps your IT department will need to undertake, but the whole process just takes a few hours. As you would expect, the data still doesn’t leave your network.

We can't see your data, so there is no need to sign a release.

You can use the application on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. There is also a progressive web app option for mobiles/ tablets.

Implementing for mobile takes a few moments to set up, and requires the mobile to be able to access a customer data store (e.g. sharepoint)

If however your IT department host the app on their servers, the data management part is handled by them, and so this step isn’t needed, and will work on mobile out of the box.

If you have any data API connections to receive data handoffs from your TMC, expense tool, card company etc. You can connect the app to the API directly. Your data still doesn’t leave your ecosystem and is just read by the application.
You can extract all or part of the data for download.

We also have PDF print downloads as a presentation

As part of the data management we look for anomolous or unusual transactions. These can be viewed separately as a report which can be shared with your suppliers to correct or confirm.
Billing is subscription based & depends on the number of modules. Pay monthly, or pay for a whole year to get a discount.
We are agile and customer focussed, and want to make sure you get a solution that works for you. If you need something customized, we are very happy to do this, but will need to agree a price.



Vacuum-packed Software

Unlocked Data utilise containers to implement and manage our products. Containers are a ubiquitous technology that can be securely docked to infrastructure and is highly efficient and scalable.

Everything that is needed to install the solution is in the container, the user logins, license management, data connectors, matching algorithms, orchestration, visualisations etc.


Code as Infrastructure

We provide everything to dock our software into your environment and get you set up: from the resource management to set up the clusters, to the Docker instructions and Helm charts.

What would traditionally have taken weeks to implement, can be completed in a few clicks & our software securely deployed inside your environment while you wait.


Joining the dots

The management portal is used to connect the data API's, file transfers and create user authentication. Internal IT provide domain names and certificates.

It is then a case of watching the data flow through the system and into the end-user application.


Peace of Mind

We work hard to be easy to do business with, from implementation to security-testing to ongoing support.

Our solutions go through regular third-party penetration tests, we run OWASP web security testing on every release and utilise SonarCloud for code inspection. We can share these results with you whenever you want.

We have Cyber Essentials Plus certification, we can never see your data, and the whole solution can be uninstalled in thirty seconds.

We make sure there are no obstacles in the way to get going.